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The Exploding School

The Exploding School

Designed to function outside of the traditional classroom space, the exploding school is nomadic. Taking its cue from Colin Ward and Anthony Fyson's book Streetwork it seeks to utilise the city as its classroom. The school attaches itself to educational institutions, piggy-backing established infrastructures and administrative frameworks and organizes tours in and around chosen cities with guest speakers and tour guides.

This expanded notion of the city as classroom is an experiment in inter-disciplinary education. The school is particularly concerned with the production of space, the environment and the city as a multitude of ecologies; touring parks, gardens, collectively produced art spaces, official city recycling and filtration facilities and their self-initiated community based counterparts. The school playfully mixes together the ambience of a school geography field trip, a city tour and a dissociative fugue. The school investigates recent developments in public art strategies, culture and regeneration, gentrification, urbanism, the environment, and projects that privilege social process.

Tyner White of the Maxwell Institute of Treeconomics

Spaces of Utopia: Contemporary Art and the Environment

An inter-disciplinary class led by visiting artist Nils Norman between the Department of Visual Arts and Environmental Studies program of the University of Chicago in conjunction with the SMART Museum's exhibition "Beyond Green", curated by Stephanie Smith.

8 city tours around Chicago / Class meets every Friday at different locations from September 30 to November 18 2005.

The class consists of 15 graduate and undergraduate students from different departments of the University, including Economics, English Literature, Visual Arts and Environmental Studies.

Sonoma County / March 17 2002
The Ecology/Art Expedition Survey, Phase 1, Sonoma County, California

The Expedition was organised by Nils Norman in collaboration with Oakland based artists Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-Constable for the exhibition Utopia Now (and Then), Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, California.

The Bay Area is home to a network of ecology and agriculture institutions. The tour visited a selection of these sites including the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, the Permaculture Institute of Northern California, Hog Island Oyster Company, and Cannard Farm.

East Dulwich / November 2000
Educational facility No:1. The topology of a proposal for a phantom experimental free school leaflet. East Dulwich, The Top Room, London

Disregarding established old-school educational models, "Educational Facility No:1" takes as a starting point the ideas of William Godwin, Summerhill, the Chicago Metro High School and Paul Goodman's School Without Walls to create a hybrid contemporary educational facility enabling a more site-specific context based collaborative art education.

DISMAL GARDEN - Between Ikea and the Südstadt - A SLIDESHOW

Fri Klasse

Fri Klasse skal forholde sig direkte til den virkelighed som findes uden for universitetet med henblik på at overveje kunstens sociale og politiske muligheder i en hverdag præget af globalisering og krig. Fri Klasse mødes hver 14. dag og skal udvikle sig gennem diskussion og samarbejde med studerende og lærere fra Institut for Kunst- og Kultur-videnskab og alle andre interesserede.

Fri Klasse Reader

Jakob Jakobsen / Infopool

Notes on institutions, anti-institutions and self-institutions / Jakob Jakobsen

Copenhagen Free University

The Copenhagen Free University opened in May 2001 in our flat. The Free University is an artist run institution dedicated to the production of critical consciousness and poetic language. We do not accept the so-called new knowledge economy as the framing understanding of knowledge. We work with forms of knowledge that are fleeting, fluid, schizophrenic, uncompromising subjective, uneconomic, acapitalist, produced in the kitchen, produced when asleep or arisen on a social excursion - collectively....

All Power to the Copenhagen Free University

Of all the affairs we participate in, with interest or without interest, the groping search for new ways of life is the only aspect still impassioning. The aesthetic disciplines have proved blatantly inadequate in this regard and display the greatest detachment when it comes to the basic questions. But the way forward is not to disband the aesthetic disciplines - the way forward is to demand more from them. In our search for new ways of life the chemistry of unhappy consciousness and surplus energy is still making us establish experimental institutions and still making us reformulate a discourse within which we apply the word 'aesthetics'. Copenhagen Free University is one such institution/discourse....

CFU Web Library

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