Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Different Kind of Border

Craig Robinson for The New York Times / September 17, 2006
Manuel Heart, center, chairman of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, at a recent memorial march near Farmington, N.M., for victims of racial violence.

Indian Blood / Susy Buchanan / Southern Poverty Law Center

Native Americans have been brutalized from the beginning. And the hate goes on. Violence against American Indians, much of it motivated by racial hatred, is a pervasive yet obscure problem that is especially prevalent in so-called "border towns" - majority-white cities abutting reservations - where cultures clash against the historical backdrop of institutionalized racism, cultural subjugation, and genocide.

Malign Neglect / Susy Buchanan / Southern Poverty Law Center

Racial violence against Native Americans has drawn attention from the federal government twice in recent years, but many hate crimes still seem to get a pass.

Edge of the Rez Revisited / A KNAU Special Series

Ten years ago, KNAU explored racism in reservation border towns with the award-winning documentary Edge of the Rez. KNAU is now presenting an updated version. Edge of the Rez Revisited profiles the people who inhabit the disparate worlds on and off the reservation.

Day 1 / Racism in Border Towns >> For the first installment of KNAU's Edge of the Rez Revisited series, we'll learn what the Navajo Nation is doing to combat racism in reservation border towns....

AP Photo/Donovan Quintero
Army veteran George Wells Jr., held an eagle staff while a fellow veteran adjusted the handle before a memorial walk Sept. 2 near Farmington, N.M. American Indians walked that day down a 1-1/2 mile stretch of U.S. 64, the main highway into the city, to honor those who have been victims of violence and discrimination in towns that border the Navajo Nation. Navajo leaders planned the event after a summer in which 21-year-old Clint John of Kirtland was shot to death by a Farmington police officer and another Navajo man allegedly was beaten by three young Anglo men.


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